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Elizabeth has worked in the drug and alcohol treatment industry for the past four years and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  Since recovering from her own alcohol and drug addiction, she has come to realize her natural ability to assist others suffering from the same illness that once held such a strong grip on her life.   When asked about her struggle with alcoholism, Elizabeth responds: “I spent years going in and out of sober living communities and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous; the longest period of continuous sobriety I ever had was 90 days.”   When she was finally able to make the necessary changes in her life to achieve true recovery, she felt her purpose was to help others find the same happiness she has found as a sober, productive member of society.  


Elizabeth has seen many people succumb to the deadly effects of addiction.  While remembering those who lost their lives as a result of this disease, she often asks herself “Why was I able to recover while others never got the chance?  I surely used drugs and alcohol in a careless, life-threatening manner.  I also knowingly put myself in many dangerous situations which could have easily resulted in my death.”


Elizabeth struggled to remain abstinent while living at different sober houses, which all used a "one size fits all" approach.  A common theme among these programs is they only focus on sobriety.  While recovery is the ultimate goal, Brighter Pastures offers clients the opportunity to improve many aspects of their lives.  Alcoholics often have little experience handling assets, obtaining employment, and other skills necessary to be successful in life.  Elizabeth has learned every alcoholic is different, and she enjoys working with clients on an individual basis in order to provide as much assistance as possible

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